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Re: Methods of doing 3-perf?

At 12:20 PM 6/12/95, Donna358 at aol.com wrote:

>An interesting "three perf" quality note...Dallas was very popular in
>England. (BBC broadcast)  They insisted on being shipped a cut neg film
>master rather than a PAL tape because of the quality degradation of the
>image. =20

Ok folks, its history minute. Your humble scribe (yeah right!) used to man=
 the very telecines at the BBC that put out "Dallas" *live* to the waiting=
 masses in Britain. Picture was 35mm lo-con graded print, and we did live=
 on-air color correction. Quality was *awesome*. Now this was in the days=
 when men were men , er, sorry, person were persons. None of your=
 namby-pamby Dodgy-scans or your wimpy color correctors.
Shrotly after this time, the Beeb decided that airing directly off film was=
 too risky, so put everything to 1" first. Spineless bunch!!