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Metaspeed and 3 perf

In my spare time (what spare time?) ;-), I've been updating a recent
installation of Metaspeed in a Mark IIIB telecine.  The newest version has a
nice feature that some may find of interest.  It allows the Meta to force
the counters for TLC and daVinci.  This one pulse per frame output can be
moved in 90 degree increments relative to frame pulse, so that correction
and edit timing can be set to occur at the proper time within the frame. A
ten pulse per frame biphase is available for driving the Evertz and mag
machine as well.  This comes in handy when forced to perform unnatural acts
like transfering 3 perf with Keycode.  ;-) As usual, the Metaspeed install
has gone very smoothly, and Brad's support has been great. I still have to
wonder if after all the tube bills, film costs, stock shot bills, and other
assorted dust settles if this 3 perf format really can save money?


Craig Nichols
Telecine Engineer