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Film Weave

I was interested in getting some feedback on a couple of issues regarding 
horizontal film weave.  We run mainly 16mm or super 16mm, on an URSA, and 
due to various reasons, people have become all concerned about the level of 

Two questions, 

1. Does anyone have any guidelines or measurements, that indicate what is an 
acceptable or normal level of movement for 16 mm. 

2. We have our own film lab, and I think that we are seeing that if film is 
taken straight from the lab to telecine we get more weave than  if the film 
is left for a few hours, or rescanned later.  Am I imagining  this, or is 
there a recommended time to let the film relax after processing??

I realise that a certain amount of movement is inevitable, but would be 
interested in knowing how much is normal. I suspect we may be examining the 
results too closely.  

Question 3 of 2!! Any tips for reducing weave???. We are already using 
Afterglow skidplates on all of our gates.

Regards from the frozen North