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Re: Rank_Hamamatsu_R878

>To: Michel Cadieux <73362.766 at compuserve.com>
>From: craign at earthlink.net (Craig Nichols)
>Subject: Re: Rank_Hamamatsu_R878
>>The last time I asked for a "blue" PMT, Rank told me there was no specific
# >for the blue.  They were supposed to be all of the same type,
>The Hamamatsu PMT for the blue used to be an 878, while the 550s were in
the red and green.  With the advent of newer higher light output crts, some
people have been using 550s for all three channels, because the 878 can
overload easier with the increased light output. I was not aware that Rank
had adopted this practice as well.  I experimented this recently when I had
no 878 to replace a suspected bad one, so I used a 550 and it worked just
fine. Is it now common practice to use all 550s or all 2154s, or a 550/878,
or 2154/3256 combo? Currently, we are using the 2154/3256 combo. BTW...the
PMTs are available from Hamamtsu direct for far less money than Rank. (But
then again almost everything is cheaper from someone other than Rank).
Craig Nichols
Telecine Engineer