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Re: Rank_Hamamatsu_R878

At 9:28 AM 7/28/95, Dave Corbitt wrote:
>        Reply to:   RE>Rank_Hamamatsu_R878
>4.   The HA designation refers to an integral magnetic shield coating on the
>PMT.  Hamamatsu no longer uses this lettering and currently calls that option

Thanks to Dave for "illumination" (yuk,yuk) on this score. Can I just add
 that it is a good idea to use the magnetic shielded variety, as the 
photomultiplier is quite sensitive to external magnetic fields, and under 
certain conditions, this can significantly reduce S/N ratio. The internal 
shield reduces or eliminates the need for external exotic mu-metal cans 
around the PMT.
Regards to all.
Mike O.