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Re: Unusual Rank Problem...

On Sat, 29 Jul 1995 orton at earthlink.net (Mike Orton) said: 
>At 5:35 PM 7/11/95, Dave Corbitt wrote: 
>>        Reply to:   RE>Unusual Rank Problem... 
>>Robert wrote......... 
>>>...... a small problem that has even  
>>>stumped the folks at Rank 
>I have a proposal... We all kick in a buck, and the first spud to 
>actually come up with a problem which stumps Dave Corbitt gets a 
>bottle of Veuve Cliquot... 
     As the bearer of this particular problem,  I appreciated everyone's
help.  It's nice to have a place where you can bring up the oddest problems
and get thoughtful insight from so many folks.   
     Our origininal problem was flutter transferring from the tach assembly
to the sepmag. 
Dave thought our problem might be picking.  To me, this is the most logical
explanation, yet: 
Rank tried several replacements of the entire tach assembly with no change
The problem happens with _every_ piece of film, consistently.  It happens
with negatives, prints, or just leader.  It happens with 16 or 35 mm film
(although with less flutter at 35)... 
So if it is picking, it's a humdoozer of a case! 
Robert, admiring Mike's taste in Champagnes...