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Re: Rank_Hamamatsu_R878

>The last time I asked for a "blue" PMT, Rank told me there was no specific #
>the blue.  They were supposed to be all of the same type, we just have to care
>to install the most sensitive one on the blue gun.

In addition to all the other valuable comments, I think that there can be a
great deal of difference between different PMTs. That is to say, whilst all
supplied will conform to specs, the specs are very tolerant, and some machines
hit clips much earlier than others. If you have the opportunity to be selective
you will get a better machine out of it. This is one reason I always insist on
an acceptance at the factory, rather than locally. If it is in spec on
delivery, theres no chance of change, but locally there *may* be some sympathy.

Hope this helps