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CFI update

-- [ From: David Keleshian * EMC.Ver #2.10P ] --

 Hey folks, to answer all of your question's, CFI kind of shocked me at
first. They have 
3 older MKIII's with 2 Dubner's (a slider and a pot version) and 1 with
just colorgrade control (thru joysticks). They have a Classic DV ready
to be installed  and it will go in TC1 (replacing the slider DB). As of
now that is the only thing definite.
 I believe the word is to get a Turbo II for TC4 but as always there is
the great debate on the most cost effective way to go ( I would like a
Gold with a Renaissance but I would like a client base like Rob's
too....ho hum keep dreaming).
 So far I am very satisfied with the operation, everyone has a
professional attitude and have been very helpful with the transition. 
Thank's again 
at CFI