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Re: Rank front end issues

>    It's time to change PEC's again, and this time I'm considering using the
>R3256-02's in all channels. 
>In changing from the 2154 to the 3256 in the Blue channel, I plan to change
the >gain resistor on the Blue preamp so that it is identical to the R/G
preamps. >Anyone see anything unsound in this?

With the enhanced preamps, Craig at RPI Valencia suggests changing the value
of the first two zener diodes on the blue cell base to prevent overload of
the 2154 Blue PMT. The Festival preamps may benefit from this also.
Apparently, this is what has been done on Golds and Turbo IIs recently.
Craig also showed us a mod that has been done to the Turbo II mirror to
prevent reflections from the edge. He has been here for about two months,
and has done a lot of work on the high def Rank, Ursas, and now Turbo IIs.
He has been most helpful.

>    Awhile ago I asked Steve Talley (now with Videotek) to make an R,G,B bowtie
>signal to add to the Rank test signal library for the Magni 2021 signal
>generator. I believe you can contact Steve at (503) 2.....

Thanks, we were wondering what happened to Steve.
Craig Nichols
Telecine Engineer