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Open GL


Seems pretty quiet around here lately so I'll be the first human sacrifice
to the flame gods this week.

Anyone have any experience with Open GL, the 3D based graphics library that
allows for texture mapping, blending, anti-aliasing, and other effects that
could conceivably be used in your next color session???

It is my current understanding that the daVinci Artisan system will be based
in part on Open GL architecture.

Is it not inconceivable that many of these Open Gl function calls can be
used to create the textural and artistic tools the colorist of tommorow will
use. Instead of using a channel of K-scope in Telecine what if calls were
made to an Open Gl library function for an amount of glfog color density
wash??? How about lighting and texture overlays to be used in your next rock
and roll session??? All of these bits of power would be in the core set of
your SGI Indy box for your use or customization. Those of us who are Unix
friendly can customize these bits of programming to be optimized for a given
work environment.

I'll hand this over to my pals at daVinci...am I way off base? 

And if not, whats the corporate policy for third party developers who might
be interested in marketing the blocks of code for this proposed animal.

Always thinking...


Bob Festa                                      Festa at earthlink.net
Director of Telecine                           213 465 0101
Hollywood Digital
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