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Re: Open GL

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Bob (et al)-
Sounds like a viable blueprint for the future of colorism, but here 
are a couple of things to think about-

First, the kind of pix processing you describe will require a hefty 
computer. The nature of the work implies realtime performance and 
the processes you describe are somewhat CPU intensive. Thus, the 
Indy class machines are not suitable- think about souped up Indigos 
or deskside Onyxes (Onyces?) as alternatives.

That's not to say the control front-end of the Artisan can't be used 
to interface to a processing engine that can do the textures, etc. 
much the way it currently interfaces to the processing engine of 
Renaissance, it's just beyond the scope of what it can currently 

Also, your tossing it back toward DaVinci may be appropriate, given 
the recent developments of AtLightSpeed in the Indigo souping-up 
areas. A marriage of that technology along with the Artisan may 
prove viable. (For those who don't know, AtLightSpeed is a company 
formed by ex-DaVinci folk and they make DSP accelerators for the 
Indigo expressly for implementing picture processing algorithms.)

Second, where does it end? If we are truly moving forward, then 
the whole idea of a "telecine" session becomes questionable- 
I assume we will all be "data scanning" in the next few years. 
In that case, I guess we'll be seeing mor integrated packages 
a la Flame, Advance and Cineon doing more of this work. Those 
packages already support many of the features you describe, 
but the whole "colorist" process will be turned on its ear. 

In other words, I think the philosophy deserves more attention 
now than the technology. (If that's not a loaded line, what is!) 


Date: 08-15-95  1:02
To: Topazio, Bill
From: Bob Festa


It is my current understanding that the daVinci Artisan system will be based
in part on Open GL architecture.

Is it not inconceivable that many of these Open Gl function calls can be
used to create the textural and artistic tools the colorist of tommorow will

I'll hand this over to my pals at daVinci...am I way off base? 

And if not, whats the corporate policy for third party developers who might
be interested in marketing the blocks of code for this proposed animal.
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