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POGLE DCP Electric Sunroof

Pandora Electric Sunroof Option

The ELECTRIC SUNROOF option for the Pandora DCP consists of two new advanced
processing modules. When installed the system will be comparable to not one but
SIX power windows (the da Vinci product) which may be individually controlled
with great flexibility.

Instead of using a vision mixer wipe pattern generator with fixed patterns to
generate the regions six high speed drawing processors are used to generate
completely arbitrary shapes.  This means that the shape size and softness of
each region may be changed dynamically from one scene to the next allowing great

As well as the option to generate multi-shape regions the primary and secondary
colour correction controls which operate within these areas have been enhanced
considerably over the original DCP.

Further details of the upgrade are described below.........

Pandora Complex Colour Corrector Module

1]   Primary Colour Controls

  Increased Resolution on Gamma Curves from 14 to 16 bits per pixel.
  Soft Clipping Control for Black as well as white.

2]  Secondary Colour Controls

This part of the system has been changed dramatically .....


On the first version of the DCP colour isolation was achieved using five pairs
of controls -----

Hue Vector Width     	Hue Vector Angle
Saturation  High		Saturation Low
Luminance High		Luminance Low
X start			X stop   [Window Horizontal Edges]
Y start			Y stop   [Window Vertical Edges]

The selection set by all of these controls was HARD edged i.e. either a
particular pixel matched exactly all of the parameters or it did not.

On the NEW module the  output of this stage becomes linear i.e. it  will be 100%
when all parameters match but only 50% if only some of them match and so on. By
adding a range control to each parameter [Hue/Sat/Lum/X/Y] it is possible to
blend colour corrections into the background with much softer and therefore more
natural transitions. This gives a far greater range of control especially for
luminance changes.


A skew function is added to the original rectangular region. This allows the
edges of the region to follow diagonal lines. Controls are provided to
individually vary the softness of vertical and horizontal edges for each region.
The range of this softness control is sufficient to allow the XY generator to
create colour gradient effects to cover the entire screen. Each of the six areas
may be controlled individually, region size, position , skew and softness may be
programmed dynamically.

Luminance and Saturation modifier controls now have an additive as well as a
multiplicative mode. Additional filtering is incorporated into the luminance
channel to increase the dynamic range available before the picture appears

As well as the standard Hue Saturation and Luminance output controls for each
channel layers 1-3 have been equipped with a FULL set of primary controls [Lift/
Gamma/Gain]. This effectively provides a total of FOUR sets of primary controls
within the system. A master set for background and three individual sets for
objects within the scene. The range of these controls is sufficient to allow
special effects such as negative objects.

Pandora Interesting-shape Generator [the PIG]

This is a new module that may be used with the complex colour corrector.
Together the two cards will be known as 'Electric Sunroof'

The PIG produces a set of linear key signals that may be used to control the
layers of the complex colour corrector. Six channels are provide [one for each
layer]. It is also possible to use an external key signal to drive any one of

Each channel of the PIG produces a multi-sided region which is drawn as a set of
vectors. Up to 64 points can be used to generate each shape. Each output has a
softness control with sufficient range to blur the edge of an object over the
whole of the screen. Horizontal and Vertical softness may be controlled
individually if required.

It is possible to use the key signals produced by the PIG either together with
or in isolation from the normal secondary colour isolation adjustments, this is
especially important when using the multichannel primary controls. For example
it will be possible to draw a shaped region and to apply a primary colour
correction throughout the whole area. The softness controls may be used to help
blend this change into the background. Alternatively secondary controls may be
combined with the above so that the Primary corrections are only applied to say
DARK RED objects within the region.

Currently we are working on three methods of producing shapes although as this
is all done purely in software other things may develop as time goes by.

 Standard shape library: a set of simple shapes [circle, square, triangle etc.
etc.] which may be called up very quickly.
 Manual mode for which we are using the touch screen or mouse trackerball to
provide a drawing function.
 Auto Trace mode which uses an image processing algorithm to isolate an object
within the scene and to draw around its edge.

All signals generated will be programmable dynamically both in terms of size and
position and also overall shape.

Best Regards,
Johan Gardelius
Pandora International