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Re: Open GL

>F>Subject: Open GL
>F>Seems pretty quiet around here lately so I'll be the first human sacrifice
>F>to the flame gods this week.
>F>Anyone have any experience with Open GL, the 3D based graphics library that
>F>allows for texture mapping, blending, anti-aliasing, and other effects that
>F>could conceivably be used in your next color session???
>You'd think you had enough crap in your room to deal with NOW, without
>actually asking for more...;-)))))
>Next thing you know, they'll be asking you to do small cuts-only edits
>in there, with just a little audio sweetening to bring up the low end,
>and a small wire removal on the helicopter footage...
>PS  Hope all is OK with you.
> * QMPro 1.53 * Virtue is its own punishment.
Bob K.,
You know that Mr. Festa could never have enough crap in his room. I always
thought he wanted more stereo equipment and a second tanning bed. Just
kidding Bob!
I do wonder how long a client will be able to sit in the same transfer room
and at what rates? I hope all is well with you guys.