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Film Cleaners

                      Subject:                              Time:  9:18 AM
  OFFICE MEMO         Film Cleaners                         Date:  8/18/95

As we approach the December 31st EPA cutoff date of Methyl Chloroform we here
are dreading the choices out there of alternative film cleaning fluids and
crunch time is getting awfully close.  The alternate chemistry we have been
shown so far appears to be priced at $11,000 per 55 gallon drum!!!!!!!!.  Perc
scares me because of its carcinogenic properties.  I hear unsubstantiated
rumors of some alternate but affordable chemistry using an old proven solvent
that has been around forever that shows promise but I can't seem to track down
if this is true or not.  Does anybody have some affordable answers to these
Dave Corbitt/ Manhattan Transfer/ NYC