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Reply to Film Cleaners

                                                       12:28 PM
                                     Reply to Film Cleaners
   In the last few days I've received some literature on new -generation
solvents, and I've talked to Tom Tisch of Lipsner - Smith and Mark Grenfell of
3M. Tom related a good deal of information on alternative solvents. Hopefully
not all of this will be old information. Accuracy is not absolute, either...
   First, Dow is introducing a line of high water content solvents called INVERT
1000, 2000, and 5000. These are not compatible with the Lipsner cleaners, but
may be usable in other film cleaners.
    There are four new solvents coming on the market which are potentially
usable with Lipsner cleaners. 1> DuPont 4310 or VERTREL XT. It is an HFC. 2>
Asahi AK- 225 or HCFC-225. It is very expensive at present ($200/per gallon).
But it is a very good cleaner on par with Freon CFC-113. 3> 3M L12862. This is a
Perfluorocarbon with about 10% isooctane added as the solvent. As I understand
it, these three are all drying agents, therefore they will tend to evaporate
quickly and be harder to recover. 4> 3M HFE - Hydrofluoroether. This is under
development and should be available next summer, and it may be the best of the
new solvents. It should be "safer" than methylchloroform. (It seems
inconceivable that a replacement for methylchloroform would be more toxic than
the chemical it is designed to replace). And it shares many of MC's virtues. It
is a heavy molecule and won't evaporate quickly. Therefore, it should be easy to
reclaim. It promises to be nearly as efficient a cleaner as MC. No word yet on
price at its introduction, but Tom guessed that it might not be any more
expensive than MC is at present.  There is a literature packet on HFE available
now from 3M, if you call Mark Grenfell.
    Tom also gave some contact names.
    3M - Mark Grenfell (612) 736-7628
    DuPont -Jim Mulligan (919) 248-5578
    Asahi -Greg Albert (302) 687-4600
    These guys undoubtedly have more accurate and complete information on their products.
But it sounds as though there will be a nearly ideal replacement for MC in the
near future. I'm going to cross my fingers and use MC as long as possible.

Happy Transferring,