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perc scares me ?

-- [ From: David Keleshian * EMC.Ver #2.10P ] --

 I know the properties of perc and yes they are not too healthy but my
vote goes to it.
I know how busy we all get and yes careless at time's but perc like
are cost effective work well in such situations, and is readily
available, unlike these heavy metals some are talking about and who's
properties are probably 1000's of times more
carcinogenic than perk is
 I used it first hand in that old boat anchor "the wet gate Rank" and I
believe with careful
handling and proper training perc can be used safely.
 Also there may be some initial investment say in new film cleaners (ie
the CF1000)
but the lower price of perc would offer a payback in time.
 triclorethane is also not the safest substance in the world and it
also needs a measure
of respect in handling to maintain a level of safety 
 someday mabie we will find a water based film cleaner that performs
acceptably but till
that day I think perk is definitely the answer