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KODAK sued, film at 11

To: telecine at xyzoom.alegria.com

Anybody care to comment on the joint suit filed filed by POP, The Post
Group, and OCS/Freezeframe against KODAK?

First, let me state that I know absolutely nothing about this beyond
what was printed in SHOOT magazine.  I did not even know of the suit
until I read about it this afternoon.

The gist of the suit, as reported in this Friday's SHOOT magazine, is
that KODAK sold these three post houses CINEON systems with the promise
that they would not compete with them directly for business, and then
allegedly proceeded to do just that.

Additionally, the article says that the plaintiffs claim that KODAK sold
them inferior 8 bit technology, while KODAK's own CINEON system was ten
bit. The article says that the plaintiffs claim that KODAK then tried to
lure clients to their facility by pointing out that the competing
systems from the post houses were inferior 8 bit.

There are also claims of lack of hardware and software support from


Personally, if the claims by the post houses are true, I hope KODAK
fries over this as an example to other vendors.

As an equipment owner and someone who has to rent additional gear for
some production use (which is then marked up to the client a little), I
have long been seriously annoyed to hear a client say "well, we're not
going to rent those Digital Betacams from you because the manufacturer
has told us they would supply as many as we need for free, because this
is an interesting production."

Well, hell, all productions are interesting to SOMEBODY, otherwise the
thing would not be in production.

Guess how long it's going to be before I consider buying a DigiBeta
deck?  Maybe when pigs fly unaided by technology.

Imagine if Rank built high end transfer facilities in Los Angeles and
New York, using proprietary advanced technology that wasn't for sale to
their customers yet.  Imagine they claimed that this was a "technology
demonstration showroom" only, and that they were simply demoing their
R&D abilities.  Then imagine a year down the road they started taking
high-end jobs, the ones that make some real money, away from your
employers.  How long do you think your company could stay in business
without high-end work?

Sound familiar?

Happening right now on both coasts in editing and sound, and if the suit
is correct, in high end effects.  Can telecine be far behind?

And I would love to be there the first time a client walks into, say,
Festa's room with an Abacus DDR under her arm and says "I'd like to use
this in the session, but I didn't want to pay you guys for it, so Abacus
loaned it to me for this project because they found it interesting."

By buying gear from someone who is also in competition with you, you are
making them stronger.  This is ultimately suicidal in a business sense.

The bottom line is this: either the people manufacturing equipment for
sale into the industry are in the equipment business, or they are in the
service business and competing with the production/post companies.  We
should not allow them to get away with being both, because they will eat
us alive.

--Bob  (falling off soapbox and hurting himself slightly in the process)

 * QMPro 1.53 * I try to be cynical, but it's so damn hard to keep up....