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Re: Film Cleaners

>On Aug 18, 10:31, "Dave Corbitt" wrote:
>> Perc scares me   
>Rob wrote:
> how odd the people look who work in dry cleaners?  

Have you ever worked in a facility with a mouse problem?  The film cleaner
room is one of the few places I've never seen them live. 

I hope that the solvents that Tim speaks of are safer that MC, become
affordable, and are effective.  At one point, I heard talk of a citrus
derived solvent, but I have no idea how it would work with film.  I hope
something out there is safe for film, humans, and other living things.

I hate the smell of film cleaner in the morning! It smells like....well...cough!
cough!....gaassp!...wheeze!....film cleaner!

Craig Nichols
Telecine Engineer