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Film Cleaners and small furry creatures

>>On Aug 18, 10:31, "Dave Corbitt" wrote:
>>> Perc scares me   
>>Rob wrote:
>> how odd the people look who work in dry cleaners?  
>Craig wrote:
>Have you ever worked in a facility with a mouse problem?  The film cleaner
>room is one of the few places I've never seen them live. 

If my Chloroform damaged memory serves me correctly there was a rather large
spill at Editel L.A. in 1989-1990ish. The LS film cleaners were located in the
precise center of the building during this time, you can imagine how 200 gallons
of Methylchloroform can spread under the computer flooring of an aging facility.

Beside the toxic fumes for a few days I'll never forget the sight of tanked
mice crawling up the fabric walls of telecine two in broad daylight. 
To this day, any time I have an itch around my feet I wonder if it's a
delerious rodent.

Ahh... the golden years of Editel L.A. Kinda makes me misty eyed.

On holiday for a week (Cabo).

Kertesz, Never sleep with a manufacturer, no matter how cute.


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