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Re: Film Cleaners and small furry creatures

On Fri, 18 Aug 1995, Bob Festa wrote:
> If my Chloroform damaged memory serves me correctly there was a rather large
> spill at Editel L.A. in 1989-1990ish. The LS film cleaners were located in the
> precise center of the building during this time, you can imagine how 200 gallons
> of Methylchloroform can spread under the computer flooring of an aging facility.
> Beside the toxic fumes for a few days I'll never forget the sight of tanked
> mice crawling up the fabric walls of telecine two in broad daylight. 
> To this day, any time I have an itch around my feet I wonder if it's a
> delerious rodent.
> Ahh... the golden years of Editel L.A. Kinda makes me misty eyed.
I remember walking into the facility that day, too, Bob, though I can't 
imagine how with the intensity of the fumes from that spill.  The mouse was
actually a rat from across town sent in to spy on your sessions and 
report back to its owner.  Before he got into telecine, Bill Frazee 
intercepted him and took him down to Edit 6 for lunch, then took him back 
to smell the fumes emanating from under the floor.  By the time we saw 
him creeping up the wall, it was all over but the crying.  We were all a 
little misty eyed that day.....  

With fond rememberences of my last full-time job in LA,

Ralph Edwards