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Re: Film Cleaners and small furry creatures

Bob Festa sez:  :you can imagine how 200 gallons of Methylchloroform can spread
under the computer flooring of an aging facility..."

My favorite film-cleaning solvent story was the time I was freelancing at
Command Video (oh, a fine, fine now-defunct facility from the early 1980s), and
I was cleaning several rolls of a feature and running back to the control room
to program each reel -- on TOPSY, natch.  

About an hour after I had started on the next-to-last roll, one of the
engineers ran in and yelled, "hey Marc, the film cleaner's gone nuts!"  We ran
in there and the 15' x 15' room had belched out at least 50 gallons of solvent
all over the floor, even though the transport had shut off.  The engineers were
much too smart to enter the room, but of course, I was the "film guy" and got
elected to get in there and shut the thing down.  I took my shoes and socks off
and waded out into the room.  Three steps in, I started getting woozy.  I made
it over to the film cleaner, whirring and making all kindsa weird noises, and
powered it down.

I turned around and began sloshing back to the door.  By this point, I started
to see all kinds of cool URSA pivoting squash-and-stretch effects, only this
was live video, going into my retinas.  I had just about blacked out by the
time I fell through the door frame.  It took me about half an hour to get back
to normal (if you can call this normal).  

If I had known then what I know NOW about Methylchloroform, I never would've
done it (or would have insisted on hazardous duty pay).  

--Marc Wielage
  Complete Post / Hollywood

P.S.  My chloraform-damaged brain can't decide if it was TAV or Command,
actually.  Aaaaaa, all those defunct 1982 telecine joints look alike.