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Film Cleaners, Telecine webpage

On Aug 18, 14:15, "Tim Holmgren" wrote:
} Subject: Reply to Film Cleaners

> All:
>   In the last few days I've received some literature on new-generation
> solvents, and I've talked to Tom Tisch of Lipsner - Smith and Mark
> Grenfell of  3M. Tom related a good deal of information on
> alternative solvents.

Tim, thanks for submitting this information to the group, it's
valuable, and I'm going to make it available in the engineering
section of the telecine webpage.  

For anyone new to the internet, there exists a telecine homepage with
some useful files, information, and links to reference materials and
manufacturers' and facilities' web pages.  It is at

I've revised the page(s) structure a bit and invite comments,
contributions, colloquy.  If you're a colorist and want some instant
value, look into Dave Corbitt's reference on Rank Masking, in the
engineering section (formatted & edited by Dave Tosh).

Most of the 191 subscribers to this list have their positions and
places of employment listed in the web documents.  (Anyone who finds
their information missing, please send it along, unless you wish
to remain anonymous.)


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