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Re: Film Cleaners and small furry creatures

At 7:14 AM 8/19/95, Ralph Edwards wrote:
>On Fri, 18 Aug 1995, Bob Festa wrote:
>> If my Chloroform damaged memory serves me correctly there was a rather large
>> spill at Editel L.A. in 1989-1990ish. The LS film cleaners were located in the
>> precise center of the building during this time, you can imagine how 200 gallons
>> of Methylchloroform can spread under the computer flooring of an aging facility.

>I remember walking into the facility that day, too, Bob, ...  The mouse was
>actually a rat from across town sent in to spy on your sessions and 
>report back to its owner.  Before he got into telecine, Bill Frazee 
>intercepted him and took him down to Edit 6 for lunch,

I guess this accounts for the unusually high volume of rat cr*p we found under
the floor of the old telecine "submarine" at Editel, when we finally performed
a mercy killing of that "ageing facility" in true Kervorkian fashion.
If I'd seen tidal waves of 1,1,1 trich. bearing down on me in that confined space,
I would have sh*t myself too.

Love and gasmasks
MIke O.