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Film Cleaners and small furry creatures

To: telecine at xyzoom.alegria.com

F>If my Chloroform damaged memory serves me correctly there was a rather large
F>spill at Editel L.A. in 1989-1990ish. The LS film cleaners were located in th
F>precise center of the building during this time, you can imagine how 200
F>gallons of Methylchloroform can spread under the computer flooring of
F>an aging facility.

F>Beside the toxic fumes for a few days I'll never forget the sight of tanked
F>mice crawling up the fabric walls of telecine two in broad daylight.

Well, this explains quite a bit for those of us who know mister Festa

F>Ahh... the golden years of Editel L.A. Kinda makes me misty eyed.

Yeah, me too, and I started getting that way in 1972.  Coupled with a
tinge of nausea over certain events, of course...

F>Kertesz, Never sleep with a manufacturer, no matter how cute.

OK.  How about just drinks, dinner, and a firm handshake?

Have fun in Cabo.  My son just got back from there after spending a week
deep sea fishing with his stepfather.  Caught a 400 lb. marlin.  Quite

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