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Re: Film Cleaner Evacuation

Craig N., All,

You guys, remember things a lot differently at Editel than I do. I'm glad I
got away from film cleaners, but you know it's the E.L.F. from the monitors
that will kill you...
Craig Talbert
Sony High Definition

>Those multiple film cleaner spills at Editel years past and their effect on
>those poor (but deserving) mice (and my poor lungs), is memorable. But, the
>incident that really made me respectful and wary of cleaners happened on one
>day that I had to go to AME, Olive to scavenge for parts. Upon arrival, I
>found the HAZMAT squad, and what appeared to be the entire Burbank Fire Dept
>had closed the facility.  All the employees were outside due to a very toxic
>gas cloud created by an aluminum reel hold down getting into the soup. I
>would not advise repeating this as a science experiment at home!
>Craig Nichols
>Telecine Engineer