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Re: Film Cleaner Evacuation

its funny you mention this event 
I was the lucky one to find the situation that morning wanting to clean some
Turns out a loader on the night shift accidently rolled an aluminum core
adapter down the resivior then left the ultrisonics on all night. First thing I
saw was that all the bright stainless steel sections in the cleaner compartment
turned to a tarnished corrosive black from top to bottom and a small white
cloud deep in the resivior which later I learned was phiseon gas the same that
was used in chemical warfare during WWII. I must admit the first thing I did
was open the cleaner doors to get a closer look ofcoarse upon my first attempt
to breath which luckily stopped at the nostrol, I quickly closed the doors and
summond the wismer.
Who in turn also opened the doors quickly closed them and summond Walt who in
turn called the fire dept. Now remember the real danger was still contained in
the cleaner chamber but interestingly it still seemed seriuos enough to have
professionals ie. HAZMAT to neutralize the gas which at this time still was a
very small white cloud deep in the resivior which in the end was nuetralized by
the HAZMAT guys with a box or two of arm & hammer baking soda. OK now the case
I'm building is about the fire department. They totaly used this call to not
only train the Burbank Hazard guys but also called over the whole glendale team
as well and before you new it the whole olive lot was filled with teams
training teams on how to put on there iso suits and what to look for in the
case of a REAL emergency.
Which Yea thats great, use a real sitution for real training but the real
shocker for me was when the cheif came back in the biulding  to find the ops
manager and hand him a real HAZMAT BILL. 
 And these guys that were training! The lights are on but well, who knows. You
no the type. You yell there name to get there attention yet they just stare off
into the distance. no wonder they need to retrained at each incident.  

What would I do if it happened again you ask, well, Id call the Wismer(rank
engineer), but also advise him not to open the cleaner doors.

Take care,

PS. A Major Nitwork news team reported a Large toxic black cloud coming out of
the building causing a possible catastrophy in the area , luckly the well
trained HAZMAT dept. was able to contain the
problem without inccident.

PSS My favorite story on film cleaner solution is "How I killed the cock roach"
_1st I tried glass cleaner but he just kept a runnin
-2nd I tried alchohol but he just walked funny 
-finally I tried trichlo... and suddendly there was no movement, not even
twitching legs.

>Craig wrote
>Those multiple film cleaner spills at Editel years past and their effect on
>those poor (but deserving) mice (and my poor lungs), is memorable. But, the
>incident that really made me respectful and wary of cleaners happened on one
>day that I had to go to AME, Olive to scavenge for parts. Upon arrival, I
>found the HAZMAT squad, and what appeared to be the entire Burbank Fire Dept
>had closed the facility.  All the employees were outside due to a very toxic
>gas cloud created by an aluminum reel hold down getting into the soup. I
>would not advise repeating this as a science experiment at home!
>Craig Nichols
>Telecine Engineer