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"Alien Autopsy"

Anyone see the broadcast of this alleged 1947 footage of the autopsy of an
alien?  I work near the National Archives and have transferred most of their
library.  In spite of the broadcast interviews with Kodak officials who
suggest that the footage could be real, I am doubtful.  For one, the
registration looks to be excellent--both in camera and in telecine--a virtual
miracle considering the amount of time the film has allegedly been in storage
(no warpage after 50 years!)  and the sort of camera that would have shot it.
 The motion is too fluid and the pull down too neat.  Secondly, I feel that
the gamma curve is off and there is too much latitude to the image---the film
seems to have been very forgiving of what appears to be over exposure.  I'd
love to talk to the colorist who did the transfer and get their
opinion--credits on the show included Mad Dog Video, Match Frame Productions,
and the "Digital Ranch."