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Re: "Alien Autopsy"

Commenting on JimErkson's message about the "Alien Autopsy" film transfer:

I only saw pieces of it myself, but the observations I had about it were:

1) the photographic style looked too "MTV-ish" to me -- too much hand-held, too
slick, too stylized.  Real 1940s stuff would've been stilted, boring, and 90%
on a tripod.

2) the grain structure looked 'way too tight to me, like modern T-grain stuff. 
Stuff from the 1940s should have grain the size of tennis balls.

3) the _condition_ of the film was much too clean.  After almost 50 years, the
film should've had much more dirt, scratches, and contamination in it to make
it believable.

I haven't seen the whole show, but a friend of mine who did said that Allen
Daviau's comment was that it was a fraud.  Allen knows telecine extremely well,
and I bet he saw the same things we did.  

In answer to JKreines' comment elsewhere:  Kodak's official response was that
the edge numbers DO fit the correct sequence for 1947, but those were also the
same as 1967 and 1987 (repeating on a 20-year cycle).  I still don't know what
they had to say about the actual emulsion type.

--Marc Wielage
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