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Re: Lipsner Smith Excel

 Reply to:     RE>>Lipsner Smith Excel
Hmmm... What special precautions have you taken to cover the extreme 
flammability of isopropyl?

(Looking back fondly on the days of low-toxicity, non-flammable MC)

Date: 08-30-95  1:04
To: Topazio, Bill
From: Steve Darsey

Jeff, et al,

We have one here at Southwest. We've used it on both pos and neg. Seems to work
fine. I'll consult with Stuart Odell, our 1 man telecine ops staff and get his
reactions to it. More later.
The old CF-200 left this Monday on the back of a truck bound for the scrape
heap. No more 1:1:1, we have to deal with isopropyl. 

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