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Re: Film Cleaning Solvency

 Reply to:     RE>>Film Cleaning Solvency
Yeah, that was a cool thing- relly built like a brick, uh, 
outhouse. I was very impressed with the design and construction, 
but I don't think it ever really went anywhere. The system is 
marred by the extreme damage the uWaves can do to the film if 
there is even the slightest FUBAR in the drying path. It also 
requires VERY LONG leaders to make it through the path.

That was a product of The Technology Council, under the aegis, 
I think, of SMPTE. There was a report issued about it, and I 
have a copy if you want it.


Date: 08-30-95  3:17
To: Topazio, Bill
From: Craig Nichols

BTW, at SMPTE a few years back, I remember seeing a somewhat "Rube
Goldberesque" sort of film cleaner using water and rf microwaves. It was
huge, and had a very long film path.  Does anyone know if it ever worked, or
is being used by anyone?

Craig Nichols
Telecine Engineer