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Re: CGs for Telecine use

I am unaware of any CG ideal for telecine use that provides all the formats
required without any outboard converters.  However, I can suggest the PC-601
Frame Store by Pixel Power if you are looking for a serial component digital
CG for teleine.  The product plugs into a standard ISA slot in a PC, which
you may already have in the suite, perhaps to run Key-Log or something.
 There is also what is called to as "Pocket CG" software.  The package sells
for about 5K.  The board comes with an API and source code utilities if you
want to do your own programming.  The board runs under DOS, but may be
windows capable.  From here you can use encoders or D/A to derive the various
other formats.

Steve Robinson
Serial Scene
Serscene at aol.com