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Re: "Alien Autopsy"

We just saw the footage on a British television program called the Roswell (sp?)

Have to say that the people being interviewed were quite believable, but the
I though the grain had an enhanced look to it and why all the clipping whites?
Very Rock Video!  Apparently the Camera was a hand hold model only, so no
tri-pod could be used.  Concerned about how the camera moved, I would have
thought the people performing the autopsy would have been irritated by someone
moving around so much.

Anyway, very interesting comments from you guys over there.....

Anyone remember who the Video Producer was who has the footage, maybe I can make
contact over here.

Ken Robinson
Video Engineering Ltd, London Eng

"To save face.....  keep the lower half closed" 
 -  Old proverb found while grazing on the Masonic forum