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Re: Lipsner Smith Excel

On 30 Aug 1995 12:48:13 -0800 you wrote:

> Reply to:     RE>>Lipsner Smith Excel
>Hmmm... What special precautions have you taken to cover the extreme 
>flammability of isopropyl?
>(Looking back fondly on the days of low-toxicity, non-flammable MC)
To be truthful, not much. After I read this earlier, I grabbed the MSDS via the link on the Telecine Page, thank you Rob and whoever fed you the info, and started reading. I've made some notes and will plan on making some obvious changes. ie store the stuff away from the cleaner. Make sure there is reasonble access to fire extinguishers. I also plan on finding out if markers are needed on the outside of the building for the local firefighters. I also paln on briefing others concerning the dangers of this stuff. 
Thanks for asking the question, Bill, it jogged my memory about this stuff.

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