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Re: Our List...

On Sep 3, 17:55, Robert D. Lovejoy wrote:
} Subject: Our List...

> >...are there any other session characters you hear about all the time? 
> But yes!  My Nom de Plume, humbly submitted for your perusal: 
> Hugh Kroma 

That reminds me, there's one I forgot:

Rich Gold.

I use the Little Richard reference quite a bit in sessions; credit for
it must go to Bob Festa, whom I heard say this back in a 1983 session,
at Action Video.  "You'd like that a Little Richard, you say?"

He also once said "this is a fairly good family of hughes".

Exchange observed once several years back in a Festa session:

Client:  "what would happen if you raised the luminance a bit?"

Bob:	 "it would get brighter."

...now, every time a client says that, I am tempted...


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