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No Subject

Dear Rob,

I'd like to know how I could get into your mailing list.

I'm Raul Bulaong, of Video Post Manila, a post facility in Philippines. I'm
currently the Operations Manager. We have an URSA with the daVinci
Renaissance, a Henry, an Editbox, several SGI workstations running Soft
Image and Matador. There are only 2 post shops in Manila and we don't have
any venue where we can discuss and mingle with other post people. I heard
about your address from Bryan Leving of Hong Kong.

Anyway, I'm sharing this email address with 2 of our colorists namely: 
Eric Carlos and Jude Ng, so most probably you will be hearing from them
too. I hope you don't mind.

I hope we could be part of your group.

Thanks. - Raul
Raul G. Bulaong
Operations Manager
Video-Post Manila, Inc.
G/F Sedcco Bldg., Rada St.,
Legaspi Village, Makati, MM 1229
Voice: (632) 812-5851
Fax: (632) 819-7379
Email: vpost1 at mozcom.com
Film and Video Post Production
                                               _______________    __o
                                           _________________     -\<,
                                                           ......O/ O