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Re: our list, telecine characters, and Perc.

On Sep 4,  9:05, Ralph Edwards wrote:
} Subject: Re: our list, telecine characters, and Perc.

> While I was at VTA, I found some publications from DOW Chemical on the 
> supposed dangers of these two chemicals.  The articles were copyrighted, 
> so I can only paraphrase.  In essence, their papers stated that the 
>  .....
> suspicion, even though DOW is one of the manufacturers of these
> chemicals.

I think you meant to say "considering DOW is one of the manufacturers
of these chemicals".  They would be more apt to whitewash the "specs"
in a paper they publish on a chemical they want to sell.

> it's really far more dangerous than 
> what we're used to using, and I'm glad to be independent and not have to 
> handle it myself!  Nasty stuff!  I believe Lipsner Smith says to allow 2 
> or 3 minutes, I can't recall exactly which, before opening the doors of the 
> CF3000 after cleaning a roll of film when using Perc.

I need to educate myself further, if possible, regarding Perc; in the
meantime, I won't go near it.  How can I ask my assistant, whose job
it is to clean the film, to take the risks for me and the client?
Only if I'm quite well-assured the "risk" is as low or lower than in the
past with Trichlor, will I consider cleaning film with it.

  [about the CF3000 deleted]
> rings, no gaskets.  Scary, considering the vapors are supposedly the 
> dangerous part!  Hopefully, this part of the machine will undergo some 
> redesign.

We have at least one Lipsner-Smith representative on the list here,
perhaps he'll chime in if he has information.


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