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Dave wrote;

<<<We finally installed a new MetaSpeed/RTS combination here recently.  I am
amazed that we didn't fully understand how significant an improvement this
system combination is.  I am not on either company's payroll and in fact am
embarrassed for not realizing sooner the need and importance of these systems.
 "Jump Free"?  Why would you even want such an overhyped minor improvement
when Meta Speed is available.>>>>>

It's great to hear Dave endorse this system. I've been really happy with
ours, and have pulled off every kind of compositing job imaginable with
virtually no trouble. Incidently, I was reading the home page which quotes
an old post of mine. Since then I have become an "over the top" guy like
most other RTS folks. (lacing). We had to tweak our tension, and eventually
we got rid of our optical head because our demand decreased.

I've been folowing the long thread on cleaning, and the only thing that
seems to be sure is that we're all going to die more quickly. OK so maybe
I'm exaggerating... Has anyone tried the  many PTR systems?
the mink rollers? (Yes, it is stupid Virginia, but it's better than
cancer). Anybody want to go and storm Dow chemical and demand a better
product? Is it just me, or does $11,000 a barrel sound strange to anyone
else? Maybe we could just ask for a pony keg instead of a full barrel.
Anyone want
to put the deposit on the tap? can I borrow someone's pinto to go pick it
up? I digress......

Anyone spewing 4:4:4 directly in to a Flame and want to talk about it? I
realize this would be a guarded secret (because I'm sure no more than 2 or
3 hundred other people have thought of it or done it), But maybe someone
might step up to the plate and describe problems, concerns, etc..... I
haven't done it yet, and I'm interested....

Thanks for the air time, happy knob twisting......



Craig Leffel
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