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For those attending IBC in Amsterdam, please feel free to drop by the da
Vinci booth #9.220.  We will be introducing two new features to the
Renaissance 8:8:8: VSR (Visual Scene Representation) and Internal TLC
editing.  VSR is a virtual film strip that captures frames from the color
list for quick location of scenes without having to rely on scene notes
or numbers.  Internal TLC is the result of the migration of the TLC
telecine editing system into the Renaissance 8:8:8 mainframe.  Our system
will be interfaced to a BTS Quadra.  Also featured will be the Alpha
Image Alphie vision mixer, Ampex DCT and BTS D-1 VTR's and the Miranda
Espresso 4:4:4 digital disk recording and still store system.  A second
Renaissance 8:8:8 will be featured at the Rank Cintel booth #8.130.  Plan
to come by and say hello.

Joe Moore