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Is anyone on the list using Netcruiser, who would know how you can
specify a filename to "download" other than the one given as part of
an ftp directory listing?  Below is an exchange between William Capon
and me on this subject:

On Sep 15,  6:59, William Capon wrote:
} Subject: Re: Hi, again and help

> Hi Rob
> >> 
> >> Tried to download the August andv July archives
> >> However I annont decode GZ
> >
> >Just specify the filename without the .gz suffix, and the ftp server
> >here will uncompress it, you'll get it un-gzipped.

> Maybe my messasge didnt get thru all the way
> I use Netcom Netcruiser and they are a windows based
> system, somehow I dont seee a way to manually name files to be decode
> its a point and click system....
> IE. point to file line click on download and away yu go...
> Anyone using Netcruiser

}-- End of excerpt from William Capon

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