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Re: HELP! on monitoring

On Sep 18, 10:54, Video-Post Manila, Inc. wrote:
} Subject: HELP! on monitoring

> Do you think that changing monitor brands would help minimize this problem?
> We don't have experience with Sony monitors, are they reliable?

This is an interesting question, and we're bound to have an
invigorating discussion.  I don't recall, in the 17 months of this
list's existence, a debate about monitors, so it's about time.

I'd like to hear from others about this, but my impression is that a
majority of post houses in Los Angeles use Sony monitors.  At Editel
where I work, we've used BVM 1910's exclusively ever since I've been
there (5 years).  Is Encore still using Barco monitors?

I was always a little surprised to hear that in New York City, there
is no such brand-unification (please correct me if I'm wrong, New
Yorkers) but that Shiba-Soku (spelling?) monitors have a strong

Anyway, I'd like to give you my impression of the Sony BVM1910: it
doesn't drift; the tubes seem to match each other; geometry can
sometimes be a problem; purity is excellent; try not to notice the two
thin wires holding the shadow mask (I think that's what they do?);
when setup properly --and the auto-setup does work--
lowlights-to-highlights track well, except that at the lowest
luminance, most BVM 1910's I see are purplish.

I worked with Conrac monitors before Sonys, and have to say that when
I switched I never looked back.  No more tube matching problems, no
more purity problems, no more focus problems, etc.  It was a


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