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Re: HELP! on monitoring

Monitoring, Thats a great subject....

Actually Sony don't manufacture the 1910, 1911 or 1912
any more they are launching a new monitor soon...

Rob is correct that the lowlights drift some, unless the CRT's
are new in the 1910..
However with the use of teh Philips probe that should be no problem

The 1911 Are the later model than the 1912's , and I've used severalof 
these both at Modern and Deluxe
These seem to have very little drift and seem easy to setup..

The 1912's are too complicated and the Auto setup never works as well
as a manual adjustment with the Philips Probe..

I would be intrested to hear what other people are using to set up 
Monitors and the Ft/LAmberts they use..

I have set monitors for some time at 32 ft lamberts both in PAL and 
NTSC  using the Philips probe and a Black bordered 100% white window
I found that a full white field didnt allow correct setup of the 
I also use the same Black bordered window at 15IRE to set teh low 

William Capon
Video By Deluxe
213 960 4999