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Joyball Orientation

Joyball orientation - Rank/Vectorscope/? 

I am trying to find out if there is a third orientation type in addition to the
Vectorscope and Rank mode of operation.

On a recent visit to a Renaissance user, one of the colorists wanted the
joyballs set in "Rank" mode rather than "Vectorscope"  mode. When the panels
were switched to "Rank" mode, the colorist insisted that they were not correct.
After much ado, paperwork from Rank confirmed that the Renaissance was in fact
operating correctly - Green at 11:00 o'clock, Red at 4:00 and Blue at 7:00. Is
there possibly a third orientation - perhaps - Green at 12:00, Red at 4:00 ,
Blue at 8:00?

Also, given the seemingly asymmetrical orientation in Rank mode, which I assume
is a throw back from some forgotten system - is there anyone out there old
enough to remember the folklore behind this configuration?