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  OFFICE MEMO                                                 Time:
                      monitors                                      09-18-95

Well, we are still milking the last phospher dot out of our Asaca 
(Shiba-Soku) delta-gun monitors. This was, until recently, the NY 
"standard" monitor; well almost. It was used by Editel, Tapehouse, 
ManTran, Prinzco, Empire to name a few (apologies if made an error 
in this list). Many have gone to newer monitors by now.

The practicalities of switching monitors can be costly- you don't 
really want to change one room without changing ALL rooms, unless 
the room is isolated enough to get away with a different monitor.

For example, I have SONY 1910/1911 in our RealTime and HENRY rooms, 
but all of our editing and telecine rooms still have the Asacas.

Within a year, I expect these to change to new digital monitors. 
It's getting too damn hard to find good delta gun CRTs and besides, 
it's just time to go to the next generation... finally.

We have 4 excellent colorists who are intimate with every nuance 
these delta-gun CRTs have, so they will certainly have some re-
learning to do when we switch.

I also have a Panasonic 1905D monitor in my Flame suite. In some 
ways, I like this better than the 1910. I think it may have to do 
with the in-line shadow mask vs. the Trinitron stripes. I think it 
provides a more pleasing overall look, a little more delta gun-ish 
perhaps. Can't really quantify this.

As for the support wires for Trinitrons, I find them only to be a 
problem when the scan line density allows them to be seen. In other 
words, it shows up more on smaller screens and hi-res computer dis-
plays. At 20" and NTSc, the scanline spacing is more noticible, so 
you are rarely bothered by the support wires. (But it's still a new 
discovery for some clients, and we have to go through "the routine" 
to calm everybody down again.)