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New Film Cleaner Solvent

I am sorry I couldn't post this message before I headed out to the IBC
Convention last week. Perhaps some of you have already heard this.

At the World Media Expo (formerly SMPTE Fall Conference) 2 weeks ago, a
very exciting paper was added at the last minute.  It was presented by Mr.
Bengt Orhall who I believe is with AB Film-Tecnik, a Swedish film lab.

These folks have been experimenting with a new chemical for wet-gate
printing that has the perfect index of refraction for that application.
They decided to try it out for film cleaning and his paper was about their

This chemical appears to be a perfect replacement for 1,1,1 Methyl Trichlor.

It is safe to handle, has a high flash-point, cleans the film of grease and
fingerprints, and in all other aspects does the job.  It is not ozone
It does have a distinct "sweet" odor, but it is judged to be much less
objectionable than the smell of Perk.

It presently is slightly less than twice the cost of Perk, but the cost is
projected to drop quickly as the film industry and presumably others
discover its new application.

Amazingly, you probably already have this chemical in your home.  You can
find in your bathroom medicine cabinet.  Its chemical name is:


Better known as "Ibuprofen".  Or non-generically:  "Motrin".

I have already contacted RTI about using this chemical in the CF-3000 (or
in their other cleaners).  They have promised to try it out and let us know
the results.  The only question is whether there is any effect on the
rubber seals in the various machines.

So now, instead of using a film cleaning chemical that causes severe
headaches, we can go in our film cleaner rooms for a sip to get rid of

Is this a great universe or what?

        -Neil Feldman of Video Post and Transfer in Dallas, Texas

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