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Re: HELP! on monitoring

It seems as though most houses here in Chicago are have standardized 
using the BVM-19XX series monitors.  

However, what isn't standardized seems to be the probe/setup.  Some 
houses use the Sony Auto Setup (usually, I believe using the SMPTE 
standard) and others use the Minolta.  The split between who's using what 
might be about half and half.  The end result is that on a BVM-19XX, the 
Sony setup is greener, especially in the midtones (or the zeroed Minolta 
setup redder depending how you look at it).   

This can lead to big problems (how 'bout dem flesh tones) when a transfer 
is done out of house (at a place using a different probe/setup) and then 
finished in-house. We've actually stored the settings from another house 
in a different memory location in the BVM so that we can easily switch to 
their setup.  I'm curious as to what others' experience with this has 
been and what probe/standard is being used.

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