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Re: Monitor brightness

We  ran into that problem about 6 years ago when we started doing pal. the
"standard" is 35fl, but the EBU "standard" is 25fl. If you have a room full
of clients, and 
do a NTSC transfer first, switch the room over to PAL the first thing they
say is "this looks different", which indeed it is. My colorists were lost for
words, and you know once a client has that "negitive" feeling all trust is
lost. So I bent the rules. I started setting them (BVM-1910's) up for 30fl
for both standards. the latest round of monitors we purchased were BVM-1911's
. These turned out to be very good. I can now match (using  the Phillips
probe), 525, 625, D1, and composit, color temp., black level, white level,
color, phase (525 ntsc), store them in memory 0-3. I'm now using 1911's in my
three color correct rooms, my three D1 edit rooms, and Flame/inferno room.
Dave Best (post 
perfect n.y.)

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