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1. As I mentioned, I also have a 1905D (Flame room) and I like it for the 
same reasons you mention, DC. I think you and I both know where most of 
the, shall we say "spurious", disinformation came from, don't we ;)

2. I went through the same exercise to overlay scale drawings of the 
masks and drew conclusions similar to yours. I measured the following 
(as close as I could with a seamstress tape!): 

                   SONY 1910   PANA 1905D   ASACA 2011
ESCUTCHEON         Square      Rounded      Somewhere in between
DIAGONAL           19"         18.5"        19"
VISIBLE AREA       178 sq-in   165 sq-in    184 sq-in

Note that the Asaca has more visible area, but much of that "extra" 
is lost past the raster cutoffs! Even though they are close, I think 
the Panasonic may do well to have a "compatible" (square) escutcheon 
anyway, don't you? Why throw away picture, and the shape is more 
appropriate to today's tellies, no? -bt

Date: 09-19-95 16:01
To: Topazio, Bill
From: Dave Corbitt

1.  We use Panasonic At-H1905D Monitors here at Manhattan Transfer and are
very pleased with the performance.  We used to have old Asaca ShibaSoku's but
the models we had are now so old they are not really part of the contention. 
The newer Asaca's are an improvement over the older models. We also had and
still have some Sony 1910 and 1911 series monitors.  

2.  We have had to dispel some disinformation campaigns spread about the
Panasonics that are untrue.  The CRT measures within 1/4" in viewable diagonal
measurement to the Sony Trinitron used in the 19xx monitors.  Panasonic,
Asaca, and Barco all use the same make and model CRT in their monitors. 
Panasonic uses an escutcheon with ultra rectangular borders to hide the
slightly rounded corners of the CRT so it appears to be smaller than the Asaca
and Barco displays but the ultra rectangular escutcheon makes the screen
conform to the common shape of most current consumer sets and the Sony
Trinitron screen.  

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