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Re: Monitor brightness

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I remember when...

When I first came to Editel NY 12 years ago, we had Conrac 6122 
monitors. They were set for approx 50 ft-L because our clients liked 
"the punch"... and the CRT rebuilders were very happy. 

It was only after most of the NY houses went to Asacas and the like 
that we started dropping down to a more realistic level. Steve Walsh, 
our chief at the time got tired of paying for CRTs and nobody else 
wanted to either, and things were starting to "standardize". Steve 
decided to reduce the level by a couple of ft-L per month until the 
desired level (we're at 35 now) was reached. No client ever raised 
a fuss.

As for tracking, I must say a new CRT tracks very well at 35, but 
as they age, it really starts to become a problem. We have also found 
that we can sneak down to 32-33 and nobody complains. In fact, those 
Asaca delta-gun CRTs aren't the best for flat-field anyway, so a few 
ft-L across the screen is "normal" (forgive me!).

For our 1910s, we run 'em at 35 and they seem to be holding up OK, 
and you CAN read by them in 525 mode, but in 625 mode, the flicker 
makes you sick, like reading in a moving car :)


Date: 09-19-95 16:01
To: Topazio, Bill
From: Craig Talbert

>On Sep 18, 20:08, "Anderson, Larry" wrote:
>} Subject: Monitor brightness
>> How do colorists feel about the increase of 5fL over previous
>> recommended practices, too bright?
>In a word, yes.  30 is enough for me.  Why was it increased?

Alright here goes nothing,

Is any monitor stable at 35?
Does any monitor track for long at that setting?
Should you use it as a Key light? or just read by it?

Craig Talbert

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