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Joyball orientation

-- [ From: David Keleshian * EMC.Ver #2.10P ] --

 I had to deal with this problem when I went from Foto-Kem's Mk3
standard to the Post Group witch had (has) a vector standard. I have
never seen a deferent orientation but its' possible if the colorist
came from "sticks" that the sticks were not aligned to the Mk3
 The orientation is not a big deal to overcome it took me about 3 weeks
and it seemed natural again. In fact it was more of a challenge getting
used to the DV coming from a Pogle. You may be dealing with an
intimidation factor I recommend some tharipy sessions
and if the opposing vectorscope spinning is causing some nausea a
Dramamine will help.

   David Keleshian
   CFI Video

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