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Re: HELP! Monitors/Lights/

                      Subject:                              Time:  1:08 PM
  OFFICE MEMO         RE>>>HELP! Monitors/Lights/etc.       Date:  9/20/95

Mikael Reichel wrote--->
>.....Recent reports on the evolving plasma displays from (was it
>Toshiba or Matsushita?) appear for the first time to be the viable
>display system for HDTV .

Where can these Plasma displays be seen?

On lighting...
Mikael wrote--->
>My theory is that if you put a filter in front of a light source you will
>the amount of light.

Sure Mikael,  but lighting in telecine suites is usually subdued anyway.

More from Mikael--->
>The thing about Illuminant D65 is that it was picked out of daylight on
>partly clouded day.

D65 was chosen as the exact center of the triangle formed by the original NTSC
RGB CIE chromaticity coordinates.  The center of the triangles formed by SMPTE
C and EBU phosphors is no longer at that point but moved more towards RED or a
lower Kelvin temp.  Both the EBU members and users of NTSC (except the
Japenese for some reason)  have stayed with D65 even though it no longer
corresponds to the center of the triangle. The Japanese I believe use 9300
degrees Kelvin as their white standard.  Too blue for my tastes.  Most
Computer Graphics displays use 5500 degrees Kelvin as their target for color
temperature, like the light coming in a North facing window ( at least in the
Northern hemisphere).  Joe Kane's recommendation is we should adopt this also
since that is the color temperature of projected film in movie theaters.  It
would also lend itself to a more realistic center point for the most commonly
used modern phosphors and would have the net result of making the image on the
Video Screen closer to actual normal daylight.
Dave Corbitt/MTE/NYC

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